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History sleuths gather

SHARE History sleuths gather

The Hollin Hall Senior Center parking lot was filled to the brink for the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society’s monthly meeting in room 112, where everyone was in high spirits. Members greeted visitors with a welcoming round of applause and laughter was scattered throughout the group.

"Who created me?" is the driving question behind vice-president for programs, publicity chair for the society, and Mount Vernon resident Harold McClendon’s interest in genealogy. "I knew who my parents were. I knew one grandmother. I didn’t really know the names of any others. I wanted to find out: who were they, what’d they do, where’d they live? Because it takes all of those people coming together over periods of time to biologically result in our being here."

Genealogy research is an "ongoing process" to which McClendon personally dedicates 40 or 50 hours a week. His research began while helping his son on an 8th grade family history project and he ended up joining Mount Vernon’s genealogical society in 2000. "I got interested and learned more about who my ancestors were."

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