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Debate is upside down

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According to a local television news poll, Rep. Stephen Sandstrom's immigration bill is popularly received by an overwhelming 77.5 percent as of Aug. 14, with more than 1,080 people participating in the poll. But the tenor of those reporting on Sandstrom's bill is always negative and seems to side with the illegal population. For the life of me, I can't figure out why it is that the media seem to side with the illegal aliens and condemn anyone who would support the observance of the law and order in our society. And why does the media's reporting always slant toward those who favor the breaking of our laws? Much talk has been spoken about "civil dialogue" regarding this issue, but those who surrounded Sandstrom exhibited anything but civility. Hypocrisy runs rampant among that segment of the debate. Another question in my mind regards the so-called "racial" aspects of the bill, and yet how much attention was focused in the news media on how a local advocate of La Raza feels about the bill being proposed by Sandstrom. La Raza, by definition is racial, and yet who in the media calls that group to account for their racial overtones? This whole debate is so upside down that it's hard to understand how supposed intelligent people can't seem to comprehend the very basics of rational thinking.

Richard Nielsen

South Jordan