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BYU football: LaVell Edwards, Kyle Whittingham react to Y.'s move

"It all comes as a surprise. I knew they were exploring possibilities, but I didn't think a whole lot about it. I don't know what's going on yet. One thing I do know — they're not a bunch of dummies up there (at BYU). I'm sure they've done their due diligence in whatever they decide. Conference alignment hasn't ended. I hated to see all that, the potential breakup of the Big 12. I like things status quo. I don't know. But times are different now."

— Former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards

"Are they in the MWC this fall? That is all I care about, I don't care about anything beyond that. If you told me they aren't in the MWC this fall then that might change my attitude, but whatever they do is what they do. All I know is we play them on Nov. 27 or whenever it is and that is what our focus is."

— University of Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham