LOS ANGELES — Sherri Shepherd is going to be on view even more starting this fall.

Shepherd, co-host of the daytime talk show "The View," will join "The Newlywed Game" as host when it begins its fourth season on the GSN channel in November.

"Who does not love 'The Newlywed Game'?" Shepherd said Wednesday. "I've been a fan since I was young, when my grandma would have soap operas on one TV and 'Newlywed Game' on another."

The GSN show, which was hosted by Carnie Wilson, will tape 65 episodes with Shepherd beginning in September. The season starts Nov. 1, with the show airing 6 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Production on "The Newlywed Game" is moving from Los Angeles to New York, where Shepherd tapes ABC's "The View." She said she doesn't foresee any problem balancing work on the two daily shows and sees "The Newlywed Game" as providing a welcome change.

"I get to have fun. I'm not going to be arguing with anybody about whether we should pull the troops out of Afghanistan," Shepherd said.

The actress-comedian also is completing work on "One for the Money," a film starring Katherine Heigl and based on the Janet Evanovich novel, and will be back on NBC's "30 Rock" in the recurring role of feisty Angie Jordan, wife of TV star Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan).

"I love to work. If I'm not working, I'm going to get pregnant," joked Shepherd, who has a 5-year-old son.

"The Newlywed Game," based on the game show that debuted in the 1960s with host Bob Eubanks, gives three couples the chance to win prizes by showing how much each knows about their new spouse.

Shepherd's advice for the contestants?

"I'm gonna tell the women you better make those men feel like they're on top of the world" whether they have the right answers or not, she said. "Otherwise, you're gonna be dealing with a pouting man."

A celebrity edition of the show last season featured its first gay couple when George Takei, who played Mr. Sulu on "Star Trek," appeared with his partner, Brad Altman. The couple wed in California in 2008 when same-sex marriage, now back in the courts, was legal.