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Workable solution

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Let's get down to business and implement a workable program for handling illegal immigrants, workers, etc. Here it is:

1. Establish a U.S. citizen identity card that is very difficult to forge for each person in the country legally. This will make it very easy for businesses to determine if prospective workers are here legally.

2. Establish a foreign worker program by which those wishing can enter the country.

3. Bolster the existing penalties levied on business as follows: Over, say, a 10-year period, gradually increase these penalties for hiring until they become too onerous. This will bring businesses to gradually stop hiring illegal immigrants.

4. Require those who wish to enter the country as guest workers to do so from their own countries, by standard procedures.

Yes, those already here will need to go back home and apply. Yes this may cause separation of families or the movement of legally-born children back to their parent's country temporarily. The parents were willing to suffer family separation, in many cases, in order to come here illegally in the first place. They can handle it again. Indeed they should be better prepared to handle it financially than they were initially.

Lynn Beus