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‘My Redeemer Lives’ a good resource of Christ’s ministry

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"My Redeemer Lives: Remembering His Atonement, Death and Resurrection," $23.95, 88 pages

"The Son of God commenced His earthly ministry with an ordinance — baptism — and ended His ministry with an ordinance — the sacrament. Both bore record of His death, burial and resurrection…" — David B. Haight

Piecing together excerpts from James E. Talmage's "Jesus the Christ," talks from various general authorities and scripture, "My Redeemer Lives" walks us through the life of Christ using some of the most revered testimonies written of him.

Using some well-known, and not so well known, paintings of Christ, this book is full of beautiful favorites and wonderful new discoveries.

The art and text have been carefully collaborated to correspond with each other. In these 88 pages, events from Christ's birth to resurrection are detailed, offering insights into the life and characteristics of Christ and his disciples.

"My Redeemer Lives" can serve as a great quick resource for the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.