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Scott D. Pierce: Archuleta on ‘Tosh.0'? Hard to believe

SHARE Scott D. Pierce: Archuleta on ‘Tosh.0'? Hard to believe

Wow. Was that really David Archuleta on the most recent episode of "Tosh.0"?

What? The squeaky-clean "American Idol" runner-up was on the intentionally vulgar and tasteless Comedy Central program?

Why, yes. That was him. Which sort of makes you wonder if Archuleta is a fan. Or if he'd ever even seen the show before.

For those of you who haven't seen "Tosh.O," it's basically comedian Daniel Tosh poking fun at video clips that have been posted on the Internet. It's sort of a PG-13 version of "America's Funniest Home Videos," complete with sometimes astonishingly violent (with horrific injuries), vulgar and tasteless videos.

(Comedy Central itself rates the show TV-14.)

It's not that Tosh isn't funny — if you're into that sort of thing — but his show is about 180 degrees away from the other shows we've seen Archuleta on post-"Idol."

You know, like "Hannah Montana" and "iCarly."

Each episode of "Tosh.O" features a "web redemption." People who have been in an embarrassing video that have gone viral are brought onto the show for a chance to "redeem" themselves.

Really, it's all about Tosh making fun of them. As you might expect.

But it's not necessarily surprising that people who are so desperate for attention that they posted embarrassing videos of themselves would agree to be embarrassed some more.

Anyway, last week's web redemption featured a group of teenage girls who were in a video showing them reacting with a high degree of shock and anger when it was announced that Archuleta didn't win "American Idol." As in, they went over the top in a way only teenage girls can.

Tosh used the opportunity to make fun of "Idol" judges Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi and host Ryan Seacrest.

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

And he teased the girls about meeting Archuleta. The Utahn finally showed up as a dismembered head in a box — a weird parody of the 1995 movie "Se7en" (which none of the girls was old enough to have seen).

Young Archuleta's dismembered head shouted, "It's all your fault! You didn't vote for me enough!"

It was pretty stupid, but less offensive than many of Tosh's bits.

However, just a week earlier, Tosh took on religion in general in an episode that featured a web redemption for "The Angry Black Minister."

He joked that "churches aren't doing their part to keep us awake," criticizing the music and the message.

He went on to joke about Catholics, protestant "mega-churches" and Mormons.

Tosh said his program is "nondenominational."

"We love everyone equally, except the Mormons," he said, adding jokes about several misunderstood facets of Mormonism. And then falling back on the cheapest, least original (and incorrect) stereotype.

"Listen, I don't want one horrible nagging wife, let alone 15 of them," said Tosh — only 120 years after the LDS Church renounced polygamy.

Word gets to Tosh slowly, apparently.

This is not to suggest that Tosh has some sort of vendetta against Mormons. The guy makes mean-spirited jokes about pretty much everyone and everything.

Politically correct, "Tosh.O" is not.

But for a guy who often makes comments about how unfunny and unoriginal other stand-up comedians are, polygamy certainly constitutes an old, lame joke.

Which is not to say that Mormons are above being joked about. But it can be done cleverly. And a warmed-over polygamy joke is certainly not clever.

But there is at least one thing Tosh dislikes more than Mormons: University of Alabama football.


"I'll only support Mormons if BYU is playing Alabama," he said. "Burn in hell, (Crimson Tide coach Lou) Saban. You're an awful person."


Archuleta's appearance on "Tosh.0" was rather unremarkable except for the fact that he made it at all.

But you've got to wonder if he's trying to change his image or he just didn't know what he was signing on for.

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