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Left-wing idiocy

Frank Pignanelli's recent column (Aug. 1) regarding Shirley Sherrod and his comments about Glenn Beck only show his liberal left-wing idiocy. He accuses the White House of immediately firing Sherrod to "placate conservatives like 'Blowhard Beck.' " Seriously?

Those of us who actually watch and listen to Beck know that even though he was pressured to run the abbreviated story on Sherrod, he refused until he had all the facts. Once Beck saw the complete video, he stood in support of Sherrod on his show! Even Matt Lauer on the extremely liberal NBC "Today" show had to backtrack some of his statements and acknowledge what Beck did in support of Sherrod.

I can only wish that Pignanelli would do the same, but unfortunately he points one finger at Beck for "fostering real anger and disillusionment" without realizing his other three fingers are pointing back at himself.

Lauren Payne