Former BYU quarterback Steve Sarkisian opens his second season as head coach of the Washington Huskies Sept. 4 at his alma mater in Provo. Deseret News sports writer Dirk Facer spoke with Sarkisian at the Pac-10 Football Media Day in Pasadena, Calif.

Question: How strange will it be coaching the opposition at your alma mater?

Answer: "I think it could be weird in a sense maybe leading up to the game because I have great memories there, special moments. We won a lot of football games there but once the game is kicked off its football, and we will play."

Question: You're scheduled to join other quarterbacks who played under LaVell Edwards for a special ceremony at halftime. How special will that be?

Answer: "Those are great players. When you are talking about the Youngs, McMahons, Boscos and the Wilsons and Detmers, that is a long line of great quarterbacks, and I was fortunate to play under coach Edwards and do some things. I just remind them if we're not winning at halftime I'm not coming out."

Question: What do you think about the Pac-10 adding Utah?

Answer: "They've been playing really good football. Salt Lake is a beautiful city. It's a great market for the Pac-10 to get into, and I think they're a great fit."

Question: What will happen to the BYU-Utah rivalry?

Answer: "A little bit naturally will happen, what you are playing for. But in another way this could heighten it because they are playing a truly natural rivalry game now. They are natural rivals, and it could heighten it more."

Question: Should BYU have been invited to the Pac-10?

Answer: "I don't know how and why Utah was chosen. I know that BYU has been a good football program for years but I think it was more than just football in making this decision. Hopefully they won't unleash their frustrations on us when we play them."