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Deseret News publisher Jim Wall stepping down

Jim Wall
Jim Wall
Tom Smart, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Deseret News publisher Jim Wall announced Tuesday he has chosen to step down and pursue other full-time personal and professional opportunities. He will remain with the newspaper during a transition to help the organization move to a new business model.

"Jim's vast experience in the newspaper business has allowed him to help steady the Deseret News during perhaps the most tumultuous time in the history of modern journalism," said Mark Willes, president and CEO of Deseret Media Companies, the parent company of the Deseret News.

Willes added that Wall's ability to understand both the business of newspapers and the interest of readers has helped keep the paper on course when so many others around the country have faltered and failed.

"Jim has personally helped connect the Deseret News to virtually every important organization in Utah," Willes said. "People not only know him, but trust him. This has helped the paper, and Deseret Management Corporation, stay closely connected to the communities we all love. We are profoundly grateful for all he has done and will miss him."

Wall, who joined the Deseret News as publisher in 2000, brought more than three decades of newspaper experience across multiple states to his position at the Deseret News. He has held management positions at the Dallas Times-Herald and Las Cruses Sun-News and served as the president of New England Newspapers Inc., which consisted of seven publications. Wall then served as general manager and executive vice president of the Denver Post.

As publisher of the Deseret News, Wall's responsibilities included overseeing the business and operational aspects of the newspaper and collaborating with the leadership team on product development and growth strategies. He also provided community leadership and service by fostering relationships among business, government, nonprofit and other organizations.

Wall called the Deseret News a unique company where great collaboration among leadership has led to success.

"It has been a privilege to be part of the Deseret News for the past 10 years," he said, praising the newspaper's staff and the local business community.

Clark Gilbert, president and CEO of the Deseret News, said he has learned much from Wall's ability to establish relationships with local business leaders.

"His investment in the community has been remarkable and has played a significant part in shaping our organization," Gilbert said. "We honor his contributions and are grateful that he will continue to share his expertise."