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Record high temperatures dot Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Nine high temperature records were set in Utah on Tuesday and another tied as the unusually hot weather spell continues.

Salt Lake City climbed to 90 degrees Tuesday, one tick shy of tying the record for the date. A high of at least 86 degrees was expected at the Salt Lake International Airport Wednesday and that is predicted to climb to 89 degrees on Friday, before the daytime highs finally begin to cool off.

Normal high temperature for this time of year is 72 degrees.

In northern Utah Tuesday, the only two high temperature records established were at Alta (73 degrees) and at the Utah Test Range, 80 miles west of Salt Lake City (90 degrees).

Zion National Park had a scorching 105 degrees Tuesday, to shatter the previous record high for the date of 99 degrees, set in 1946.

The Cedar City Airport (91 degrees), Escalante (93), Hanksville (97), Kanab (95), Milford (91), and Price (89), all set record highs on Tuesday. Richfield tied its record at 90 degrees.

More records are expected in parts of Utah through Friday.

The National Weather Service forecasts a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms Saturday through Monday in Salt Lake City, with mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures should then cool to the low 80s and even to about 76 degrees by Monday.

NWS meteorologists expect Tuesday to be mostly sunny, with a high of only 70 degrees — about normal for this time of year.

Moisture-wise, the month of September 2010 will likely go down as one of the city's driest on record, with only 0.9 inch of rain for the month. That's just 8 percent of the normal amount, 1.23 inches.