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Stop pointing fingers

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I wish those who are pointing fingers at the tea party would all just take a breath and stay silent. Saturday was a horrible tragedy for everyone in this country, especially for those who lost family members. Many people sound like this was something that was done just to annoy them, or to justify their already rigidly held beliefs that the "other side" is to blame.

I think either extreme of the political spectrum is capable of inciting violence in others who are not willing to look at right and wrong and/or are mentally ill or unstable. And some who are pointing fingers and screaming the loudest are part of the problem.

A 9-year-old girl was killed. Her family is not going to care what political beliefs her killer held, if any. Of course, rhetoric needs to change and people need to be held accountable. That is true for all of us.

Gail Turpin

Salt Lake City