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We must forgive

In the aftermath of the shooting in Arizona, we say we cannot know the shooter's motivation. Consider this as a possible explanation:

It was more than anger at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords; his shooting of citizens who were involved in our democratic process betrays his motive of causing harm to all of us. Feeling helpless in himself, he hoped to harm us by inciting a lynch mentality. In trying this he wanted fame. He wanted the glory of changing history. He must have known somewhere in his psychotic mind he might be killed — and thus become a martyr.

We must forgive him.

By this I am not suggesting he should not be held accountable. He should be tried through our judicial process. But we should forgive, not for his sake, but for ours. If we hang on to our resentment, we will be bound to him by an emotional chain that is stronger than steel.

Howard Lawrence