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Book review: 'Seeking Persephone' a Beauty and the Beast tale, Regency novel

Covenant Communications

"SEEKING PERSEPHONE," by Sarah Eden, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 280 pages (f)

The re-release of Provo author Sarah Eden’s Whitney Award-nominated book, “Seeking Persephone,” thrills the hearts of her fans and Regency lovers everywhere. Initially self-published and has been out-of-print the past three years, Eden’s well-loved story has returned to bookstore shelves.

In "Seeking Persephone," Persephone Lancaster’s family is on the verge of financial ruin. When an unexpected marriage proposal forces her to choose between her own happiness and her family’s welfare, Persephone finds herself relegated to life in a secluded castle as the wife of a bitter duke. Living in a fortress surrounded by foreboding forests and wild dogs while facing a distant, unfeeling husband inside its walls, Persephone is sure she will never be happy again.

But Adam, the Duke of Kielder, is not entirely what he seems. Physically and emotionally scarred from childhood, his icy demeanor masks a softer, more vulnerable character. Forced to face the constant courage and optimism of his enchanting young wife, the Duke can hardly keep his protective walls intact.

When menacing forces put Persephone’s life in jeopardy, will the Duke risk his heart in order to truly save her or will he remain safe within the stronghold he has created?

“Seeking Persephone” is the prequel to Eden’s other Whitney Award-nominated book, “Courting Miss Lancaster,” which was released by Covenant Communications in March 2010. Using her dynamic style, Eden plunges into this sweet, “Beauty and the Beast”-type tale. With her characteristic wit and charm she leads readers through the world of strict propriety to find the warmth of a tender love story.

The characters are immediately understandable and endearing. Readers will find themselves rooting for Persephone and Adam to come together through their personal struggles to create a life they can cherish together.

“Seeking Persephone” is sure to tug at the heart strings of romance lovers and to please Eden’s expanding collection of fans. To learn more about Eden or her books visit her website at

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