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Book reveals satisfying results of turning your will over to God

Margaret Agard is a list maker. Her habit keeps this busy wife, mother, businesswoman and Relief Society president organized. Lists keep her sane. They are her lifeline. However, the Lord surprised her one morning when she received a clear prompting, almost a command: Give up your daily to-do lists.

“In His Footsteps: Be Happy in Every Situation, Find Your Purpose” is the result of 18 months of committing her experiences to a journal while getting her daily tasks directly from the Lord each morning in prayer.

Letting the Lord create her lists is proving to be a life-changing move for Agard. Some days the Lord guides her to several people who need her help. Other days only one name may stand out. Often, those names are a surprise. At times it is a struggle for Agard to follow the promptings, but the rewards are always worth the effort.

The book gives the reader a glimpse of Agard’s daily life, although not every date is included. She is honest in sharing her heartaches, annoyances and frustrations as well as her gratitude for her trials and resulting blessings.

Not all entries will appeal to everyone, but the book contains some gems. “In His Footsteps” suggests that trying this method of daily prayer can change relationships, create financial freedom, bring peace during trials, increase opportunities, renew faltering faith, deepen joy and take one to where God wants her to be.

Agard’s website challenges people to ask God each morning what he needs them to do for him that day.

“He knows better than we do what today is going to bring. And tomorrow too. I was often surprised that what he asked me to do today handled problems I didn’t even know were coming and served people I didn’t even know needed help,” says Agard.

Visitors to her website may sign up for the Happiness Challenge and receive a free Quick Start Kit via email. It includes a journal for recording experiences and 21 days of spiritually motivating emails.

For information, her website is at

“IN HIS FOOTSTEPS: Be Happy in Every Situation, Find Your Purpose,” by Margaret Agard, Parker Kentworth Publishing, $12.97, 120 pages. (nf)

Stephanie Abney, a retired teacher and freelance writer, lives in Mesa, Ariz., with her husband, Jim. They have five children and 17 grandchildren. Her email is and she blogs at