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Blue roundup: 'BYU to the Big East is dead'

The end of negotiations between BYU and the Big East made national news.

"BYU to the Big East is dead. It's not going to happen," a source told the Associated Press. and were among the national media outlets that reported on this latest development.

"With BYU out of the picture, the Big East will target San Diego State as a football-only member, a source said. The reason the Big East would seek out the Aztecs is because Boise State wants a Western partner before joining the league," writes Brett McMurphy of "The Big East had hoped to announce its newest members (SMU, Houston, UCF and Boise State) in the past two weeks, but the on-going discussions with BYU brought the Big East’s expansion plans to a standstill. That’s because the league wanted to announce SMU, UCF, Houston and Boise State as new members together along with either BYU or Air Force or both schools."

How are BYU fans taking his news? This cartoon might reflect the views of some of the Cougar faithful.

In other news, Utah State's president and athletic director has apologized to BYU for "inappropriate" fan behavior at the Cougar-Aggie basketball game in Logan earlier this month.

Finally, there are allegations of point-shaving at the University of Hawaii, which is BYU's final opponent of the regular season. The Cougars visit Hawaii on Dec. 3.