Let Martha and the Vandellas dance in the street, and Bruce Springsteen dance in the dark. The NFL has the likes of Victor Cruz, Tony Scheffler and Carlos Rogers dancing in the end zone.

In Chicago, players are resorting to other forms celebrating touchdowns: flipping out, courtesy of triple-somersaulter Devin Hester and failed back-flipper Marion Barber.

We're all about dancing this holiday weekend, though, and why not? Who doesn't like a good salsa, a swashbuckling pirate jig or doin' the "Dougie?" So, as we digest the Thanksgiving games and prepare for the rest of Week 12 in the NFL, here's a Pick Six of players with some flashy footwork — and perhaps crafty choreographers.

Before we get to this year's sextet of showmen, though, let us pay tribute via a Pick Three to the artists (aka NFL players) who set the stage for the new wave of performers: Billy "White Shoes" Johnson and his Funky Chicken; Ickey Woods and his Ickey Shuffle; and Deion Sanders and his variety of high-steppin', arm-flappin', torso-gyrating moves that began even before he reached the end zone.

Victor Cruz, Giants: He's toes and ankles ahead of this group, debuting his sexy salsa moves in the end zone after catching a pass and turning it into a 64-yard touchdown play against the Eagles in his first start in Week 3. So where'd the wide receiver come up with his nifty moves? He says his grandmother used to dance to the Caribbean rhythms of salsa and merengue. He says when he was growing up, the music was always played on weekends and grandma would grab him and start dancing.

"We used to always get down," the Paterson, N.J.-born Cruz said told Fox News Latino earlier this season. "Somebody brought it up to me that I should do some of that in the end zone."

Tony Scheffler, Lions: No doubt this guy has a choreographer, or he's simply playing football waiting for his big Broadway break. He's got a routine for every team it seems — a pirate dance after a TD catch against the Buccaneers; a smoke-signal-sending move after a score against the Chiefs; a Tebow-Mile High salute in a game against the Broncos; and most recently, a spinoff of AT&T's "Flash Mob" commercial. After pulling in a 17-yard TD catch against the Panthers in Week 11, he began his finely tuned fandango to mimic the popular ad featuring a high-stepping, arms-pumping, body-twisting guy in the middle of a train station.

Carlos Rogers, 49ers: The cornerback who came over from the Redskins is not only playing well, he's got "swag," according to teammate Delanie Walker. After a 31-yard interception return for a TD against the Bucs on Oct. 9, it was time for "The Dougie," a hip-hop, shimmy dance in which you pass a hand through your hair or over your head.

"It's a California dance, actually, yeah it is," Rogers said, adding he learned the move watching TV. "It's a known dance."

Turns out a friend persuaded Rogers to perform the dance after he came up with interceptions in each of the two previous games before the one against the Bucs. He said a friend sent him a text saying he should do that dance after the next interception. "I was like, 'Man, I just can't do it. I need to score with it.'"

Tim Tebow, Broncos: All right, Tebowing is not a dance. You can keep it off the list, not us. The Broncos quarterback inspired dare-we-call-it a dance craze when he dropped to a knee and began praying as his teammates wildly celebrated around him in an improbable 18-15 overtime win over the Dolphins. There's a website, too: www.tebowing.com

The site has pictures of folks striking Tebow poses next to statues, in bowling alleys, on boats and while waiting in line for tacos.

"Yeah, some people don't necessarily take it seriously, but they're on their knee praying, so who knows what you're going to think about after that and how that can affect you?" Tebow said. "Hopefully, it's a good example for people."

Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars: For those who missed Cleveland's win over the Jaguars on Nov. 20 — that would be most of you — Jones-Drew stole LeBron James' talcum powder ritual and the Cleveland fans seethed (James, of course, was beloved in Cleveland until he left for Miami). The idea was not Jones-Drew's, but defensive tackle Terrance Knighton's.

"It's a celebration. That's what you do when you score," Jones-Drew said. "... It's tough to get into the end zone so when you get in there you've got to be creative. I'd like to thank 'Pot Roast' for bringing that up. Without him, none of this would be possible."

David Nelson, Bills: We'll just call this the romance stroll. After catching a 3-yard TD pass against Dallas on Nov. 13, the receiver celebrated in the end zone without dancing, then headed to his team's sideline. He didn't stop as he ran to the other end of the field to present the football to his girlfriend, Kelsi Reich, who happens to be a Cowboys cheerleader. Nelson gave her a hug, too.

"It was a special moment to share with her," he said after the Bills' 44-7 loss. "I didn't want it to be awkward. She knew it was coming, I don't think she knew what was coming."