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Woman allegedly beaten by boyfriend in Murray dies

SALT LAKE CITY — A woman who police say was severely beaten by her live-in boyfriend in Murray over the weekend died Monday at a local hospital.

Because of the death of Alecia Sherman, 45, the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office was expected Tuesday to file amended charges against 49-year-old Daniel Jay Folsom.

"We will be amending our charges today to indicate murder," said District Attorney Sim Gill.

Monday, Folsom was charged in Third District Court with attempted murder, a first-degree felony.

"We were under a deadline. At that time we filed the appropriate charges," Gill said.

After the charges were filed, Sherman passed away.

"We knew that the family would be going through a difficult decision," Gill said. "We've been monitoring this very closely."

Gill called it an unfortunate and tragic incident. He said Folsom had had prior dealings with law enforcement on domestic violence related issues.

In the latest incident, police were called on Dec. 15 when Sherman ran to a neighbor's house and stated that Folsom was "out of control," according to charging documents. The neighbor noted that Sherman "appeared severely beaten."

When police arrived, they found a "large amount of blood" on Folsom's clothing.

Sherman was rushed into emergency surgery to remove blood clots and pressure on her brain, according to charging documents.

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