Obamacare must be repealed, dismantled and replaced with something that will actually work, something that will improve and revitalize both the quality and cost of health care. If a change like this is going to be successful, the essential ingredient will be the establishment of a free market for health care and medical insurance throughout the country.

States may design their own approaches, but the health care consumer must be able to buy health care and medical insurance from anywhere in the U.S. Quality and cost competition will be the guiding force. States will be encouraged to eliminate unnecessary mandates in order to attract health care and insurance buyers to their states. The Internet will assist consumers in finding what they need at prices they can afford.

The health care business will, by necessity, radically reorganize itself to attract customers. Competition in every direction will guarantee ever-increasing quality and innovation along with ever better prices. Those who cannot afford to take part in the new system could qualify for vouchers and would also find what they need in the marketplace. The government's role would be reduced to assuring the integrity of the system.

Frederick Anderson

Salt Lake City