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Flight cancellations top 5,000 for 2nd day

Cancellations include flights at Salt Lake International Airport

Flight cancellations topped 5,000 for the second day Wednesday as ice and snow continue to bring airport operations to a crawl across much of the U.S.

Over 5,500 flights in or out of the U.S. have been canceled Wednesday as of 11 a.m. EST, according to flight tracking service FlightAware. Most were scratched well in advance of the fast moving storm. Boston's Logan Airport was closed briefly Wednesday morning, but reopened shortly after 10 a.m.

The massive storm pushed into the Northeast early Wednesday after plowing through the Midwest Tuesday. Chicago received up to 19.5 inches of snow with more still possible.

Spots in northern New York already had gotten more than a foot of snow by Wednesday morning. New York City was expected to get up to three-quarters of an inch of ice by midday before the mix of sleet and freezing rain changes to rain.

On Tuesday, nearly 7,000 flights were canceled. There have been about 13,000 cancellations so far this week as airports from Texas to New England shut down, making it the most disruptive storm to travel so far this winter. The massive post-Christmas blizzard led to about 10,000 cancellations.

Airlines are hoping it will be easier to rebook passengers caught in this week's storm, because there are fewer people flying than in the peak holiday period in December.

Current list of cancelled flights for Salt Lake International Airport


WN 3488 Detroit

AA 689 Dallas

WN 3053 Baltimore

AA 3772 Chicago

DL 1275 JFK

AA 3756 Chicago

DL 1415 JFK

AA 3751 Chicago

DL 1543 Newark

OO 4523 Chicago

OO 4501 Oklahoma City

OO 4495 Chicago

OO 4629 Kansas City

OO 4660 Oklahoma City

OO 4691 Chicago

UA 7563 Chicago

UA 7487 Chicago

OO 4705 Kansas City

OO 4875 Tulsa

UA 6977 Chicago

DL 2157 Boston

UA 6449 Chicago

DL 1895 St Louis


WN 3511 Orlando

AA 1698 Dallas

AA 3761 Chicago

AA 3767 Chicago

AA 3825 Chicago

WN 161 Chicago

UA 7563 Chicago

UA 7487 Chicago

UA 7000 Chicago

UA 6466 Chicago

OO 4860 Chicago

OO 4817 Chicago

OO 4692 Oklahoma City

OO 4607 Kansas City

DL 2384 Boston

DL 2540 Boston

OO 4496 Chicago

OO4536 Chicago