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New romance will treat Regency lovers

The Kiss of a Stranger is a romance set in the Regency era of romance literature.
The Kiss of a Stranger is a romance set in the Regency era of romance literature.
Kelly Smurthwaite

THE KISS OF A STRANGER, by Sarah Eden, Covenant Communications, $14.99, 252 pages (f)

Sarah Eden���s newest book, ���The Kiss of a Stranger,��� is a perfect treat to tempt the sweet tooth of any Regency romance devotee. After a unique beginning, the book bubbles into a beautiful marriage of emotional turmoil and shadowed love.

Catherine Thorndale���s world is abruptly thrown into confusion when a handsome stranger scandalously, and unexpectedly, kisses her in a country garden. Enraged by the encounter, Catherine���s uncle insists this gentleman, Lord Crispin Cavratt, marry his niece immediately to save her reputation.

Trapped between a marriage she did not ask for, and a life with her abusive uncle, Catherine has little faith in what the future holds for her. She expects to suffer the same careless loathing from her new husband she has felt from her uncle, especially as he strives to annul their new marriage.

However, Crispin is not entirely what he seems. His distanced cynicism masks feelings that not even he is willing to face. As he is forced into the role of Catherine���s temporary protector he begins to see the beauty her tattered soul really holds.

With the help of those closest to him Crispin launches into a life he did not expect, and a love he cannot live without.

Eden is a self-proclaimed Jane Austen addict who has been fascinated by the Regency era from an early age. She has written award-winning short stories and was a 2008 Whitney Award Finalist for her novel ���Seeking Persephone,��� another historical English romance.

���A true romantic at heart…I harbor a weakness for the Regency Era in history,��� Eden said. She has painstakingly researched this period to create for her characters a well fashioned vision of their world.

This book is peppered with beautiful dialogue. Crisp and witty banter between the main characters is enthralling. Eden has a gift of balancing sardonic humor with breathtaking heart ache.

���The Kiss of a Stranger��� is a book readers will happily devour.

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