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Fredette-Rogers reunion

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It was a meeting decades in the making — ending with two men finally reuniting.

It all began with a meeting that first took place 41 years ago in Glen Falls, N.Y. Al Fredette loved playing basketball in the driveway of his home. Kimball Rogers was a missionary serving in what was then the Cumorah mission in upstate New York. They met in February 1970. Fredette became a member of the church the day before his 18th birthday, 6 months before meeting Kimball. But he credits Elder Rogers for making him the member he is today.

He said, “I didn’t understand all the church doctrines or know everything about the church at that point. I was really being taught the gospel after my baptism. I needed that teaching to strengthen my testimony and help make me the person I am today. The testimony I have today is extremely important to me and my family.”

After four decades, not only did Fredette and Rogers reunite, but their sons met for the first time last summer.

Fredette said, “Jimmer kept telling me, ‘Dad, we’ve got this kid. He’s a great shooter and good ball player.’”

Fredette's son Jimmer was talking about Rogers' son Stephen. Then Rogers made the connection when Jimmer told him he was from Glens Falls.