KAYSVILLE — Alcohol was believed to be a factor in an auto-bicycle accident early Friday. But it was the bicyclist, not the driver of the car, who was believed to have been drinking.

Just after 1 a.m., a 37-year-old man was riding a bicycle down the middle of U.S. 89 near Crestwood Drive. The road is very dark in that area.

A vehicle, driving the 55 mph speed limit, hit the cyclist. The Utah Highway Patrol said the 18-year-old driver did not see the man until it was too late.

"The bike did have some reflective, but traveling at 55 miles per hour in a dark area, it gave him little time to react," UHP Sgt. Kim Farnsworth said.

The bicyclist suffered severe trauma to his lower legs and arm and a minor head injury.

Investigators detected an odor of alcohol on the bicyclist and said he had alcohol in his possession.

The driver was not cited for the accident.

— Pat Reavy