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Don’t raise tuition

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In the March 11 Deseret News, I read the "Hurt or helped?" story pertaining to what the Legislature did. One particular item brought to my attention what is wrong with higher education. It states: "Hurt: College students by cutting higher education funding by at least 2 percent." And then it continues, "likely to be made up in tuition increases".

It is time that the colleges (and universities) begin to understand that they must trim their budgets to meet the 2 percent decrease — not just turn around and retain the status quo by asking the students to, again, bear more tuition increases.

I am in no position to just "raise" whatever to cover increased costs. My income is fixed. If costs go up (equivalent to a decrease in my income), I have to cut back. I must curtail spending or go without some things.

Why can't they learn to do the same?

Jay Atkinson

West Valley City