Amanda Ricks

Viewmont High

Parents: Lyndon and Elizabeth Ricks, Centerville

Having had many opportunities to perform on the piano, I am usually labeled "the girl with the fast fingers." Many know that I have uniquely fast fingers, but few know that I am also often lonely. Although having fast fingers may be a gift I was blessed with, I have had to develop the skill. Similarly I have had to develop ways to cope with loneliness.

Practicing the piano is a lonely business. The hours of practice for a single performance have often felt burdensome. Many times I have felt that the time commitment of practicing, particularly because of its inherent loneliness, was too steep a price to pay. However, participating in the school choirs and musicals has filled those friendless hours.

Music teaches me perfection and allows me to celebrate the joys that I feel.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks first out of 493; GPA is 4.0; Composite ACT is 31.

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: DECA officer; Madrigals and Sound Ideas officer and accompanist; Senior Committee; humanitarian service; member of PTSA; Member of Interact Club; youth religious president; Pit Crew member; High Honor Roll; Academic Letter and Music Letter; Outstanding Math Student Award; private piano instructor.