ATHENS, Ga. — Authorities planned to close streets expecting a large turnout Sunday afternoon for the funeral of a slain Georgia police officer whose shooting death prompted a wide manhunt for a suspect who allegedly held hostages before surrendering.

Jamie Hood, 33, was being held without bond, charged with Tuesday's fatal shooting of Athens-Clarke County police officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian and the wounding of another officer, authorities said.

Hood was arrested late Friday after authorities say he allegedly held nine hostages.

As Hood was being taken into custody late Friday, he told WXIA-TV reporter Doug Richards in a brief videotaped interview, "I regret killing that officer." The NBC affiliate in Atlanta aired the interview Saturday night.

When Richards asked him what he meant, a handcuffed Hood said on tape, "That officer. That innocent officer. I regret that ..." Asked for more details, Hood said, "You know, they killed my brother. They were going to kill me."

Hood's brother was killed by an Athens police officer in 2001 while Hood was serving a prison sentence for armed robbery.

Athens, the community that's home to the University of Georgia, was convulsed by the shootings last Tuesday about three miles from that campus. Local news reports have said Sunday's funeral and procession to a cemetery burial could draw thousands.

Christian, 34, was an 8-year veteran of the Athens police department, married and with two young children.

Police announced special parking and street closing plans starting at 11 a.m., about two hours before the planned service.

Police had been searching for Hood since Tuesday, when Christian was shot and killed.

Officers had stopped Hood while he was in an SUV in West Athens early Tuesday afternoon, seeking to question him in connection with a carjacking and kidnapping, police said. The vehicle's driver was arrested, but police say Hood got out of the vehicle and shot another officer, Tony Howard, in the face and upper body. Hood then fatally shot Christian as he sat in the patrol car, authorities said. Howard is recovering.

The manhunt led authorities to several locations around Athens-Clarke County, about 75 miles northeast of Atlanta.

Meanwhile, police said Saturday they were trying to determine how long Hood had been staying at an Athens apartment. They say he allegedly held the hostages there Friday night, first releasing four, before agreeing to surrender.

Athens police Capt. Clarence Holeman said Saturday evening that authorities were continuing to investigate the circumstances of the standoff, including any relationships between Hood and the hostages.

"We're just trying to get to the bottom of how it happened," Holeman said. None of the hostages has been charged with any crimes, he said.

The manhunt for Hood came to a dramatic close around Friday night. Authorities said at 11:15 p.m. Friday, he walked out of an apartment complex surrounded by five of the nine adults and children that had been held for hours as he negotiated with authorities. None appeared to be hurt.

The tattooed, head-shaven Hood was immediately swarmed by tactical officers and did not resist.

Hood was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 1997 for armed robbery and was released in 2009. In 2001, while Hood was serving time, his 22-year-old brother Timothy Hood was shot and killed by an Athens police officer. Investigators said at the time that Timothy Hood pulled a gun on an officer and was shot when the weapon jammed.

An initial court hearing for Hood had not been immediately set. His defense attorney, Jim Smith, did not return a message seeking comment Saturday.