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Mitt Romney trails Mike Huckabee in new poll that ranks GOP presidential hopefuls

A recent poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC shows Mitt Romney is the second-most popular Republican presidential hopeful among voters likely to cast a ballot in a GOP primary.

The polling results — which can be found by clicking here — position Mike Huckabee as a prospective Republican frontrunner given that 25 percent of GOP voters deemed him as their first choice and 13 percent as their second selection. By way of comparison, 21 percent of voters listed Romney as their favorite candidate and 16 percent listed the former Massachusetts governor as their second choice.

The Washington Post examines the very same polling numbers and concludes that the data could auger well for the presidential aspirations of Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty.

In a separate portion of the poll, a hypothetical race between President Barack Obama and Romney presently tilts in Obama's favor, 49 percent to 40 percent.