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Feds down to last three witnesses in Bonds case

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SAN FRANCISCO — Prosecutors are down to their last three witnesses in the Barry Bonds perjury trial, which is progressing faster than expected.

Bonds' orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ting was expected to be the first witness called Thursday, the end of the trial's second week. Ting's appearance most likely will come after court staff read a transcript of Bonds' 2003 grand jury appearance into the record.

After Ting, the government was expected to call anti-doping expert Don Catlin and Bonds former personal shopper Kathy Hoskins. Prosecutors have said Hoskins will testify that she once saw Bonds' personal trainer Greg Anderson inject him with some unknown substance.

That's important testimony because Bonds is charged with lying to the grand jury when he said that only Ting has ever injected him with anything.

Kathy Hoskins is the brother of Steve Hoskins, a childhood friend of Bonds and his former business partner who testified earlier in the trial. Hoskins testified that he suspected Bonds was using steroids as early as 1999, but Bonds' lawyers pointed out several inconsistencies in his testimony in an effort to undermine his credibility.

Bonds' lawyers are also expected to sharply cross examine Kathy Hoskins and attempt to portray her as bitter over losing her job with the slugger.

Catlin is one of the country's foremost anti-doping experts. Catlin "reversed engineered" the liquid substance an anonymous source mailed to doping detectives and uncovered the chemical makeup of the designer steroid THG, also known as "the clear" that Bonds is alleged to have used.

Bonds, who owns the major league record for home runs in a career and a season, is also charged with another three counts of lying to a federal grand jury in 2003 for saying he never knowingly took performance-enhancing drugs and one count of obstruction.