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Senate votes down bill that would allow cyclists to roll through stop signs

SALT LAKE CITY — The Senate voted down a bill Thursday that would have allowed cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs.

HB155, which failed to pass 11-11, would have allowed cyclists 18 and older to slow to a reasonable speed and move through an intersection with a stop sign without making a complete stop.

The bill's sponsor, Senate Majority Whip Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, said allowing cyclists to stay in motion when approaching a stop sign would increase safety, especially for those who use shoes that clip onto the bike's pedals.

"It's actually more dangerous … to clip out of those pedals, stop, and clip back in," he said.

Niederhauser said rolling through stop signs is already "common practice" for cyclists, but some senators felt it was a double standard to allow cyclists an exception for stop signs.

Sen. Kevin Van Tassel, R-Vernal, said stopping at a stop sign can also be inconvenient for semi trucks. "If there's no cars coming and there's no one around, can I just slow down and pull on through?"

— Amanda Verzello