Mommy blogs: “On Jan. 15, there was an article written on about a woman and her Mormon housewife blog addiction. Overnight, there were literally hundreds of responses from Mormon mommy bloggers and after a week or so, it became obvious that people were waiting to hear our response. We had reporters from the Wall Street Journal and CNN contact us. We had bloggers e-mailing us, waiting to hear our 'official response.' ... Then we got a call from ABC's Nightline. Turns out, they are very interested in the phenomenon of Mormon mommy blogging and they want to know all about it.” Click into this fascinating blog essay that answers the burning question of “Why people REALLY read Mormon Mommy Blogs.”

Blogging discovery: So what is so great about blogging? Well this woman explains that people can “Blog Your Way to Self Discovery” because as they blog “their posts begin to take on more personality, reveal more of themselves, and with that increase in honesty and self-awareness, their blog popularity grows.” And as one person who commented said, “This is going to sound cheesy, but it's actually changed my life.” Blogging for the win!

Message boards: And maybe you know to blog, but have never ventured into the world of Mormon message boards. The Mormon Life Hacker gives navigation tips in “Message Boards and Forums for Beginners.” She outlines “10 Steps for a Successful query/post on a Message Board” that include “Don’t post ‘Off-topic’ items. Stay true to the category and intent of your post. Your post maybe deleted by the moderator if you don’t follow their by-laws.” And, “Subject line is important. Don’t be general in your query. Be very specific and short. Something that will catch the eye of the reader.” Great points!