For years, Democrats have claimed that the Republican-controlled Legislature was overbearing and arrogant. I always dismissed that claim because I am such a staunch Republican and I was blinded by my allegiance to the party. HB477's passage was done in such an unscrupulous way that I am ashamed of every thug that voted for it. There was only one Republican who voted against it, and that was Sen. Chris Buttars, a man who always speaks his mind and votes his conscience. Every Democrat voted against it. Thank-you!

It has been said that if it were not for the transparency that was in place regarding the discovery of the $13 million UDOT scam, it would have gone undetected. The Republicans want to remove that means of discovery? They claim that personal matters will be disclosed to the public if this bill does not become law. The Republican-dominated Legislature needs to understand that when you work in the public sector and represent the people, what you speak, what you write, the deals that you cut, even behind closed doors, should always be available for public inspection.

Steve Barnes