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Man dies after being run over by SUV in Ogden

SHARE Man dies after being run over by SUV in Ogden

OGDEN — A 54-year-old man died Monday after he was run over by an SUV.

The driver, Daniel Bradshaw, 45 might have been intoxicated with alcohol or drugs when he backed over Brent Bodily in front of Bodily's home and dragged him 14 feet across the road shortly after 3 p.m., said Ogden Police Lt. Shawn Hamblin. Bodily's home is near 700 East and Sullivan Road.

Bradshaw was sitting in his vehicle without clothing from the waist down and was touching his groin area when police arrived, Hamblin said. He was detained for investigation of vehicle homicide, a third-degree felony, lewdness, a class B misdemeanor, alcohol restricted driving, a class B misdemeanor and could be charged for other offenses pending the completion of the investigation, Hamblin said.

Police didn't know whether Bradshaw, who sat in his vehicle after hitting Bodily, was aware he'd hit Bodily, Hamblin said. It was neighbors who called police. Officers are also investigating whether the two men had a connection prior to the accident. Bradshaw does have connections to the Kamas area and investigators are still determining why he was in the area, Hamblin said.

Spencer Garn