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Former Cougars endorse Rice for UNLV job

Now that BYU has locked up coach Dave Rose with a five-year contract extension, Cougar basketball eyes are on assistant coach Dave Rice, a finalist for the UNLV head-coaching job. Though he has never been a head coach, he is considered the leading candidate for the position.

From this article in the Las Vegas Sun, Ryan Greene interviewed former BYU players Jackson Emery and Lee Cummard, who fully endorse Rice. As a former Runnin' Rebel, it's safe to say that coaching UNLV would be Rice's dream job.

"You don't spend 10-plus years at a place if it doesn't hold a special place in your heart," Cummard said via email from France, where he's playing pro ball. "We knew that as players, but we also knew that he wanted to win games against Vegas as much as any other, if not more. There is no question everybody sees the writing on the wall."