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Spotlight on skater Kerrigan at brother’s trial

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WOBURN, Mass. — Jury selection is set to begin in Massachusetts in the manslaughter trial of the brother of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan.

Mark Kerrigan is charged in the 2010 death of his 70-year-old father, Daniel Kerrigan.

Prosecutors say Daniel Kerrigan died of cardiac dysrhythmia — a loss of interruption of a normal heartbeat that can lead to cardiac arrest — after a physical altercation with his son.

But the Kerrigan family, including Nancy, has publicly supported Mark. They insist that the elder Kerrigan died of a longstanding heart condition.

Now, Nancy Kerrigan finds herself in the unwanted position of being called as a witness by prosecutors. They plan to call her to testify about her father's health.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Friday in Woburn Superior Court.