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Book dispenses more than 300 facts you never thought to wonder about

The book cover of "Your Pinkie is More Powerful than Your Thumb" by Mark Di Vincenzo.
The book cover of "Your Pinkie is More Powerful than Your Thumb" by Mark Di Vincenzo.

"YOUR PINKIE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN YOUR THUMB: And 333 Other Surprising Facts That Will Make You Wealthier, Healthier and Smarter Than Everyone Else," by Mark Di Vincenzo, Harper, $13.99, 256 pages (nf)

"Your Pinkie Is More Powerful Than Your Thumb" answers questions a person usually never thinks to ask, according to author Mark Di Vincenzo. It offers a plethora of fascinating and random facts. It differs from an almanac or a world record book by focusing on new discoveries in the areas of health, science, history and more.

Drawing from newly declassified documents and interviews of those who have made recent discoveries about historical events and people, the author shares unexpected tidbits of facts, figures and insights.Di Vincenzo has organized his book into 10 chapters and includes a 48-page list of sources.

Armed with facts from Di Vincenzo's book, you could easily become the life of your next party. Do you know how much money U.S. businesses lose during the first week of the NCAA basketball tournament due to employees watching it on their office computers? It's a whopping $1.8 billion.

You can also share that neckties are covered in germs, certain foods may help in the prevention of dementia, women in developing nations walk nearly four miles each day to get water, "black boxes" in airplanes are actually orange and beetles can carry 850 times their weight.

Each fact comes with its own bold headline, making it easy to read when there are only a few minutes to spare to read. Di Vincenzo also provides bonus material in the form of questions and answers. Most information is followed with "What you can do" statements and tips. This can prove comforting after reading about unsuspected dangers in our lives.

For busy people who would like to become well-versed in a variety of topics in a short amount of time, this book is the perfect match. While many tweens and teens find this type of information fun, there are enough facts of a more adult nature that might prevent parents from sharing this book with their children.

Incidentally, it is true that your pinkie finger has greater strength than your thumb.

Stephanie Abney is a retired teacher and freelance writer. She and her husband, Jim, live in Mesa, Ariz. They have five children and 17 grandchildren. Her email is