It looks like the interest in repealing HB116 is growing. First it was a handful of disgruntled citizens and a few Republican delegates which then grew into a majority of delegates at the Salt Lake, Utah and Washington counties conventions who passed resolutions endorsing the repeal of HB116. It appears that the more people learn about this bill of confusion, the more they oppose it and want it repealed or at least changed dramatically.

Now it looks like Sutherland Institute and Sen. Curt Bramble, original backers of the bill, have backed off and are supporting some changes and perhaps a substitute measure according to recent news articles.

What once was touted as a grand example for other states to follow seems to be eroding into something no one is happy with.

It will be interesting to see if delegates at the Republican state convention June 18 agree enough to call for its repeal.

Bill Barton

West Valley City