In a climate where negative views of the public education system are so prevalent, it is refreshing to see something positive and productive happen. Such was the case on June 2 when the administration and employees of the Kenworth Sales Company organized and produced a community event that raised enough funds to put a new book into the hands of every student at Stansbury Elementary.

This was no small feat. There are 815 students who attend the year-round school. Many of these children do not yet own their own books. Working together, Kenworth and Stansbury demonstrated the power of the community coming together as a team for students. One of the greatest benefits is the intangible and immeasurable message that was sent to the kids through this event: We care about you, we believe you are worth our time, effort and money and we want you to be successful.

On behalf of the students, parents, teachers and administration, I want to publicly acknowledge Kenworth for their selfless efforts to benefit many of the children in West Valley City. It makes me wonder what could be accomplished if more businesses reached out and were actively engaged with the students in their own communities.

Karen Chatterton