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Mormon President Thomas S. Monson visits Toronto

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TORONTO, Ontario — The weekend has been one of homecoming for President Thomas S. Monson, who lived here for three years as he presided over the Canadian Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

On Saturday, he dedicated a camp that bears his name. Then on Sunday, he addressed members of two wards in the Toronto area and visited with friends he made while serving as president from 1959-62 of the mission that had its headquarters in Ontario.

"What a joy it is, my brothers and sisters, to be here with you this morning," he said. "This visit has been a homecoming for me—to be back in this part of the world which I love, not only with cherished friends but also with the children and grandchildren of cherished friends—many of whom have departed mortality.

"How good it is to see my dear friend and your patriarch, Ev Pallin, who served as my first counselor when I was president of the Canadian Mission fifty years ago. There are so many of you I don't recognize, either by name or by face, but I claim you as friends and fellow saints as well. I feel like something of an adopted Canadian citizen myself. Whenever and wherever I hear the rich strains of 'O Canada,' I'm proud and honored to stand."

He brought greetings from his wife, Sister Frances J. Monson, expressing her love for the members.

He expressed gratitude that their daughter, Ann Dibb, was able to travel to Canada with him. She and her older brother, Tom, attended school in Canada, and her younger brother, Clark, was born in Canada.

"Those glorious days of presiding over the mission, the rich chapters in our lives that are affiliated with our beloved Canada, will be eternal and cherished memories," he said

Addressing members of the Etobicoke and Churchville YSA wards of the Mississauga Ontario Stake in a combined sacrament meeting, President Monson spoke about choices and consequences.

"It has been said that the gate of history turns on small hinges, and so do people's lives. My brothers and sisters, we become what we choose. Our choices determine our destiny."

After the sacrament meeting, President Monson went to a care center with Dorothy Davies where he visited her husband, Pat, age 94. President Monson has known them since he presided over the Canadian Mission.

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