MIDDLETOWN, Conn. — Two years and a month after a Wesleyan University student was shot to death at bookstore near the campus, the suspect's lawyer expressed frustration Tuesday that the court case has been stalled by a psychiatric evaluation of the suspect.

Stephen Morgan, charged with murder and other crimes in the May 2009 killing of 21-year-old Johanna Justin-Jinich, appeared briefly in Middletown Superior Court on Tuesday morning. Judge Susan B. Handy said she hoped the evaluation by a psychiatrist hired by the prosecution can be completed by August, and she continued the case to July 19.

"I'm as anxious as anyone to move this case to disposition or trial," Handy said. But she said she didn't want to put any pressure on the state's psychiatrist, Dr. Donald Grayson, to finish the report.

Morgan's lawyer, Richard Brown, who is expected to mount an insanity defense, expressed some frustration Tuesday that the case is taking so long to get to trial.

"There just comes a period of time when these reports need to be issued," Brown said. "It's hard on both sides when you get continuance after continuance."

Brown expects the trial to begin in the fall. He said he's still not certain whether he'll ask for a trial by jury or three-judge panel.

Morgan, 31, a native of Marblehead, Mass., about 17 miles northeast of Boston, was first evaluated by a psychiatrist hired by defense lawyers. Brown hasn't released the findings of that review. An expert for the state then began a separate evaluation, but became ill and couldn't finish the report. Prosecutors hired another psychiatrist earlier this year.

State's Attorney Timothy Liston said there's nothing anyone can do to move the case forward before Grayson finishes his report.

Police say Justin-Jinich, of Timnath, Colo., was working at The Red and Black CafÉ inside Broad Street Brooks on May 6, 2009, when Morgan allegedly walked in wearing a wig and shot her several times. Morgan surrendered to police a day after the killing.

Authorities said Justin-Jinich and Morgan knew each other since at least 2007, when they were enrolled in a summer class at New York University and she filed a harassment complaint against him. The complaint said Morgan had called her repeatedly and sent her insulting emails, but no criminal charges were filed.

The shooting put people on the Wesleyan campus on edge. Police announced before Morgan's arrest that they confiscated his car and found a journal in which he wrote about killing Justin-Jinich and going on a campus shooting spree targeting Jews.