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Hotel Utah: The 'deals' of 1911

Ladies' summer dresses: $2.25

Pearl buttons: 3 cents each

Men's blue serge suits: $7.38

Dress shirts: $1.98

Children's drawers: 10 and 19 cents

Silk kimonos: $3.35-$6.50

Milk: 2 quarts for $1

Malt cream bread: 4 loaves for a 2-cent stamp

Heating coal: $5.25 per ton

Studebaker touring car: $800

Danderine hair-growth product: $1

Mattress: $9.85

Hair-growth product: $1 per bottle

Hotel presidential suite: $6

Sources: Deseret Evening News advertisements and "The Hotel," by Leonard J. Arrington and Heidi S. Swinton