Amid repeated rumblings this week from Rep. Jason Chaffetz that he is leaning toward running against Sen. Orrin Hatch in the 2012 election, Chaffetz and Hatch are already lobbing potshots at each other in the media.

Appearing Tuesday night on the Hugh Hewitt radio program, Hatch chided Chaffetz for having more ambition that substance.

An article published Thursday in Roll Call details, "Hewitt presented Hatch with recent criticism from Chaffetz. The six-term senator responded, saying Chaffetz has been running for Senate since being elected to the House in 2008. Hatch said Chaffetz 'enjoys getting the publicity. … I think he could possibly be a halfway-decent Congressman in the House if he would concentrate on it. But he's been running for Senate from day one.' "

During a phone conversation Wednesday with political website The Hill, Chaffetz responded to Hatch's critical remarks. "I have taken issue with his positions and now he's criticizing me on my drive and tenacity — classic," Chaffetz said. "I don't ask the questions, I just answer them. ... Go back and have a look at who's hounding the media to cover them."

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