Jeff Clay's recent article ("Old West requires a new energy plan," My View, July 8) is correct in stating that we need to rethink energy policy in southern Utah. Uranium isn't going to be the wave of the energy future, but renewables should certainly be.

Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, rightly continued the ban on uranium mining on public lands surrounding the Grand Canyon. Continuing to mine uranium at the doorstep of one of our great natural treasures isn't forward-thinking, particularly as plans to build the new nuclear power plants which consume uranium collapse and utilities instead turn to natural gas and wind power.

Despite these economic realities, Rep. Rob Bishop appears determined to put all his eggs in uranium's dirty basket. His antiquated policies won't move Utah or America forward. While mining may bring a few jobs today, tomorrow we would be left with ground water contamination and no real resolution to the current energy crisis.

If Bishop truly cared about the economy of southern Utah, he would wield his influence in Congress and promote energy efficiency and wind and solar power in Utah. These sources of power will create many more jobs than uranium mining.

Alex Porpora

Salt Lake City