HARRISVILLE — A fire that started in a detached garage between two Harrisville rental homes, left one a total loss, and the other with heat damage. The garage was a complete loss as well, said Northview Deputy Fire Chief Dave Wade.

None of the occupants were home when the fire started around 1 p.m. Tuesday, and no one was injured during the fire that took about four hours to bring under control, Wade said.

When firefighters arrived at the scene at 683 N. Washington Blvd., heavy smoke and flames were already billowing from the structures. Both homes are on the same lot, one behind the other, with the garage in the middle.

Fighting the fire was delayed by a live power line that had burned through and fallen to the ground on one side of the house. Firefighters could not operate in the area of power line until Rocky Mountain Power was able to cut power to the line about an hour later, Wade said.

The home to the rear, and a car nearby only received radiant heat damage. Traffic on Washington Boulevard had to be shut down until the fire was contained around 5 p.m.

Fire marshalls are still investigating the cause of the fire.

Pat Reavy, Ladd Brubaker

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