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At the Deseret News we strive to provide you with special insight into issues that you care about. Like you, we wrestle with ways to filter the relentless deluge of information for what is of real value. With that in mind, we offer the following digest of stories we think are worth your time.

Content highlights reflect six core values: Care for the Poor; Excellence in Education; Faith in the Community; Family Life; Financial Responsibility; and Values in the Media.

Selected from recent editions of the Deseret News, these stories and columns cover topics relevant to our areas of editorial emphasis. We hope you find that they offer insight and enlightenment in a world flooded with news and information that we believe you will only find in the Deseret News.

» Faith in the Community

The weight of guilt

Dan Bradshaw, an LDS prison bishop, has a story to tell. It's a story about murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner, but it's also a story about discovering a conscience, about wasted life and regret and the weight of guilt, a story about a change of heart, and a story about walking in the grass in bare feet.

It's also a story about an unlikely connection between Gardner and Bradshaw that endured for years until Gardner's execution by firing squad last summer.

Bradshaw told his story to Deseret News writer Doug Robinson because he felt that it contained a valuable message about people's ability to examine themselves and make changes in their lives, even in the hardest cases.

Part 2: Bishop recounts Gardner's final days

» Family Life

Internet addiction harms marriages

Mental health professionals report too much computer time is becoming a common thread in marriage and family counseling sessions. Spending too much time plugged in may be more damaging to social, psychological and physical health than previously suspected.

» Care for the Poor

PBS's 'Biblioburro' puts the spotlight on a unique library

» Excellence in Education

Editorial: Cheating students

Study finds 'easy A' is new norm at colleges

Debt crisis cuts into scholarships

» Faith in the Community

Saving Christianity in Iraq

NY clerk to quit job over same-sex marriage

Prayer plays a role in public meetings

» Family Life

Parents use social media to keep an eye on children

Facebook is breeding ground for accidental affairs

» Financial responsibility

Study: Young adults with debt feel empowered

Governors want an end to U.S. debt debate

Utahn politicians on front lines of budget battle

» Values in the Media

Column: Why do films fixate on potty humor?

Pastors share personal struggles with porn addiction

» Sports

Editorial: The integrity of sports

Accident victim defies odds to keep racing

Column: U.S. athletic domination has disappeared

» Health and science

Smoking endangers babies more than previously thought

Doctors grapple with serving families who refuse to vaccinate

Technology builds bridges with autistic children

» Other stories

Utah bridging business gap with China

Arizona governor demands, pleads for better border protection

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