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Politico: Fox affiliate 'making fun of Mormons'

The Memphis' Fox-TV affiliate aired a segment Wednesday in which conservative talk radio show host Ben Ferguson is "making fun of Mormons," according to a post by Politico blogger Ben Smith today.

"I've been of the mind that anti-Mormon sentiment has been overstated," Smith wrote. "But this segment on the Memphis Fox affiliate shakes that view a bit."

Indeed, the video shows Ferguson going around asking people about lesser-known Mormon beliefs and having a good laugh at the faith of GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

"I asked the questions somewhat joking with them and trying to be a little bit lighthearted," Ferguson said near the end of the six-minute segment on Fox.

Politico's Smith added, "It must be said that the LDS Church is doing a remarkable job marketing itself and combating this stuff," and pointed readers to YouTube video about an LDS Church member living in Memphis, part of the church's Mormon Messages campaign.

The Fox segment including Ferguson's "joking" questions about LDS beliefs is one of a four-part series on Mormons by the Memphis station. The "mocking" begins at the 3:21 mark in the video below.

Episode 1: "Local Memphis TV news reporter mocks Mitt Romney's Mormon beliefs"

Episode 2: "Memphis TV station discusses Book of Mormon musical with local Mormon"

Episode 3: "Joseph Smith and Mormon beginnings"

Episode 4: "Meet a pair of Memphis-area Mormon missionaries"


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