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Jon Huntsman Jr. targets Utah's Generation H

Jon Huntsman Jr. will be seeking support from younger voters — aka "Generation H" — during a relatively inexpensive fundraiser tonight in Salt Lake City.

The "Generation H" term first garnered national publicity in a Wall Street Journal article last month.

"Jon Huntsman has a logo, a musical theme, a small arsenal of promotional videos, a Hollywood narrator and a line of travel mugs, lapel pins, baseball caps and T-shirts emblazoned with the distinctive H of his infant presidential campaign. He even has a generation named after himself. 'Generation H,' his campaign calls it."

A blog post on the Huntsman campaign website calls for Generation H individuals to become interns.

"Generation H is doing things a little differently. Huntsman interns will be in the heart of the day-to-day activities of the campaign. We will put our interns' unique talents to work in a constantly changing and educational environment. Each intern will develop marketable skills, a valuable personal network, and a unique knowledge of presidential campaigns."

Tonight's fundraising event will take place at Aristo's in Salt Lake City from 5-6 p.m. and cost $100 per attendee.


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