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Tough for Romney

I recently read an article that talked about Texas Gov. Rick Perry joining the presidential race ("2012 GOP race jolted with straw poll, Perry entry," Aug. 14). Although I don't believe in straw polls, Michele Bachmann's win in Ames, Iowa's, poll proved one thing: that ex-Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's candidacy was as flimsy as a "straw man" because her winning the straw poll gave a knockout punch forcing Pawlenty to quit the race.

Now, with Perry entering the presidential race — and making his announcement in the truly "deep South" at Charleston, S.C . — he just might deliver a knockout punch to Mitt Romney. If you draw a line from Kansas both straight south and straight east, Romney has virtually no support in that section of the country.

Romney should throw in the towel now, before he gets humiliated in Dixie.

James A. Marples