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MTC will demolish one building to make room for another

Missionary Training Center
Missionary Training Center
Deseret News, archive

PROVO — The familiar landscape of the LDS Church's Missionary Training Center in Provo will change significantly next year when construction begins on a new state-of-the-art building at the center of the campus.

To make room for the new building, the familiar Melvin J. Ballard building (known as the home to the MTC bookstore, mailroom and the Training Resource Center), will be demolished. The bookstore, mailroom and Training Resource Center functions will be moved to their new permanent home in the Jacob Hamblin building as soon as construction is completed on that building's new east wing addition.

Demolition of the existing building is expected to begin in early 2012. The new building is scheduled for completion by fall of 2013.

The Melvin J. Ballard building "was in need of significant upgrades," according to LDS Church spokesman Scott Trotter, who added that "construction of a new building [was] a better option."

While the existing Melvin J. Ballard building has two floors above grade, the new building is being designed to have several additional floors above grade, although the exact number of floors is still being considered in the design process. The new building will feature classrooms equipped with modern technological resources to be used in training new missionaries.

Because the new building will be built in the center of the MTC campus, officials do not anticipate adverse impact on the surrounding neighborhoods throughout the construction process. However, MTC representatives will be available to area residents to answer questions and address concerns as the changes take place.