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'Magic and Music at the Mansion' a family affair

Richard Hatch is a "deceptionist," his wife Rosemary is a renowned violinist and their son Jonathan is an accomplished pianist. Together they put on unique family shows that include magic and music.
Richard Hatch is a "deceptionist," his wife Rosemary is a renowned violinist and their son Jonathan is an accomplished pianist. Together they put on unique family shows that include magic and music.
Richard Hatch

LOGAN — The magical, musical ensemble of Richard Hatch, his wife, Rosemary, and their son Jonathan will be back together for a "MatinÉe EnchantÉe" performance Aug. 13, following a six-week summer hiatus.

According to those who've watched the show and book the shows at the concert center in Cache Valley, they are something Logan is lucky to host.

"This threesome has a sophistication I've never seen in any other show," said Laurel Cannon Alder, a Salt Lake City resident who plans to host the Hatch family's show in her home this fall.

"Richard does magic that he puts into a historical context. Then Rosemary and Jonathan bring in the artistry of the music. It's just amazing. It's not just a magic show. It's a magic show with depth," Alder explained. "I went to a show of theirs, and there were many in the audience who had traveled many miles up to see them."

"We're just lucky that his (Richard's) parents needed help so they moved here. He's already honed his craft, so we get the benefit of his years of performance," said Lucille Hansen. Hansen organizes the concert calender for the Logan Tabernacle.

"The show is oh, very, very good. I was so impressed. Richard holds the audience in the palm of his hand and the music adds a lot. They're a good team," Hansen said.

Amanda Castillo, program director for the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, said the Hatch family ensemble fits in perfectly with what the center is trying to provide.

"It's been kind of a fun addition. It's different. He (Richard) does a wonderful job with magic that appeals to adults as well as the kids. Having music with it really helps broaden the reach," she said.

Richard Hatch performs "parlor magic" that includes 75 minutes of sleight-of-hand and mystifying tricks that he "explains" with class and humor.

As a child, he was fascinated with magic. He trained with German magician Fredo Raxon and became a full-time professional "deceptionist" in 1983. He won first place in the annual New England Close Up Magic Competition in 1985.

He was a house magician at Houston's Magic Island nightclub and traveled internationally for several years, performing for private and corporate clients.

A Logan High School and Utah State University graduate who holds two degrees in physics, he and his wife moved back to Cache Valley in 2010 after attending Yale University for their master's degrees followed by living in Houston for 25 years. They opened the Hatch Academy of Magic and Music.

Rosemary Hatch teaches violin and coaches chamber music. Throughout the year, she teaches violin and viola at her studio on the second floor of the historic Thatcher-Young Mansion at the Hatch Academy of Magic and Music.

She received her master's degree from Yale School of Music and her bachelor's degree with performer’s certificate from the Eastman School of Music. She has studied chamber music with the Fine Arts, Tokyo and Cleveland quartets and with Raphael Hillyer. She has performed with the New Haven, Hartford, San Antonio and Houston symphonies and with the Houston Grand Opera.

Jonathan Hatch studied piano with Paul Krystofiak at St. Thomas University in Houston and with Sophia Gilmson at the University of Texas in Austin. He is currently studying piano privately with Hilary Coombs.

In his spare time, the 21-year-old volunteers at the Cache Valley Humane Society, planning to become a veterinary technician.

New material will be on the program Aug. 13 with "The Ink of Enamored" by Johann Nepomuk Hogzinser and "The Music Box of Anna Eva Fay," performed as solo pieces and simultaneously with magic.

If you go:

What: "MatinÉe EnchantÉe" performances at the Thatcher-Young Mansion

Where: Thatcher-Young Mansion, 35 W. 100 South, Logan

When: Aug. 13, 2 p.m.

Cost: $10, adults; $7 children under 12.

Buy tickets online at www.HatchAcademy or call 435-932-0017.

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