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'Keeping Your Child in Mind' will ease a parent's mind and burden

Where does psychiatric medication fit in a society of increasing behavioral problems?

In "Keeping Your Child in Mind," Dr. Claudia M. Gold explores behavioral problems in children and teenagers and discusses the proper role of medication in treating them. Concerned with the consequences of raising a generation of children on psychiatric medication, Gold presents a compelling solution for overcoming everyday behavioral problems.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in behavioral pediatrics and current research in developmental child psychology, Gold's approach focuses on strengthening parents and relationships.

Instead of giving parents a detailed step-by-step program, Gold returns them to their appropriate position as experts in their home. Her goal is to teach parents how to "be with their child" and how to "hold their child in mind." Once parents understands these principles, they are enabled to find solutions that match their children's needs.

Gold instructs parents by explaining research findings and using stories from her own practice. She teaches that "holding a child in mind" is more than thinking about a child; it requires understanding a child's behavior as it relates to their development. It requires empathy, regulating emotions as a parent and teaching a child to regulate strong emotions as well.

It's not a quick-fix ticket to a well-behaved child; it does require time and effort from parents. Gold emphasizes that parents will need support and offers her hope and validation through anecdotes and experience.

"Keeping Your Child in Mind" teaches parents to recognize developmental stages and understand commonly connected behaviors. The ideas are well-formed and applicable from the early days of a colicky baby through the trials of the teenage years.

Concerns like sleep, discipline, explosive behavior, social challenges and ADHD are addressed in the light of current research. Even parents who prefer to follow a specific regimented system in their home can still benefit from Gold's expertise on how to be with a child.

Engaging and enlightening, "Keeping Your Child in Mind" is a book worth reading and rereading for any parent who is looking for understanding, support and a loving method that will bring out the best in a child. It is a breath of fresh air that parents may not have known they needed.

"KEEPING YOUR CHILD IN MIND: Overcoming Defiance, Tantrums, and Other Everyday Behavior Problems by Seeing the World through Your Child's Eyes," by Dr. Claudia M. Gold, Da Capo Lifelong Books, 240 pages, $15

Rachael Reynolds is a busy homeschooling mother of three who, besides dealing with potty training, sleep issues and tantrums, likes to find a little time to read a good book.